Rent to Own is an innovative strategy, designed to help low to mid earners get onto the property ladder. Rent to Own also provides property owners and/or investors with an alternative means of selling their property portfolio at a fixed future sale price, with a period of insured monthly income.

The Rent to Own strategy introduces ‘Tenant Buyers’, those individuals that may otherwise never have the opportunity of home ownership, but via the Rent to Own method are helped to evolve from Tenant to Buyer.

The Rent to Own method utilises lease option agreements, which provide both the Tenant Buyer and the property owner with a transparent contractual agreement under which the property is rented at a fixed rent, for a fixed period with the option to purchase at the end of the term.

Rent to Own provides an attractive investment opportunity, whilst making a significant social impact on the opportunity of home ownership.

The Rent to Own strategy has been used by the Castledene Group of companies with great success in recent years, but due to increasing demand, Rent to Own is now  a stand-alone entity, whilst continuing to enjoy the infrastructure and expertise of the Castledene Group of Companies.

The Rent to Own Process

Our 7 step process below will take you through how the RTO scheme works.

Tenant Buyer application is completed either in branch or online


A financial health check is carried out on the Tenant Buyer by Rent to Own


The Tenant Buyer is shown a selection of suitable properties


The Landlord accepts the Tenant Buyer and both Landlord and Tenant Buyer agree the lease option period, the monthly rent, the future purchase price and the monthly top-up


The Tenant buyer moves in and makes monthly rent and top up payments


At the end of the option period, the Tenant Buyer exercises the option to purchase and the top up is used as the Tenant Buyer's deposit.


Upon legal completion, the Tenant Buyer becomes the legal owner of the property.


Why the North East of England?

North East England is particularly well suited to the Rent to Own model. With house prices substantially below the National average and an increasing rental demand, the North East property market was recently dubbed the ‘UK’s buy to let capital.’ The Rent to Own strategy works particularly well on these low cost, high yielding properties.

Recent figures from the Association of Residential Letting Agents show that demand for North East rental properties rose 17% in the first quarter of 2018. Demand for rental properties is expected to continue with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors predicting a shortfall in homes and rising rents by 15% by 2023.

The Rent to Own strategy assists Tenant Buyers greatly with these statistics. Traditional tenants have the uncertainty of rising rents, but with Rent to Own the monthly rent is fixed for the duration of the option period. Tenants are afforded much greater certainty, whilst investor / landlords are safe in the knowledge that Tenant Buyers continue to accumulate sufficient financial resource to exercise the purchase option at the end of the option period.

Investors benefit from

  • Insured monthly income of between 6% and 9%
  • Compounded annual investment growth of 4% per annum
  • A contractual exit strategy and pre-agreed future sale price

Rent to Own welcomes interest from both private and institutional investors. If you would like to receive more information on Rent to Own investment opportunities or make a more specific enquiry, please email


Rent to Own has helped me become a home owner. That is position I never thought I would be in 5 years ago.

Anonymous - Proud home owner

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